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A NEW PRODUCT OF TRION COMPANY! The AURORA lighting control system based on DALI protocol.

Dear partners!
We would like to present to you our new product!

Aurora lighting control system based on DALI protocol

Aurora is an ancient Roman goddess of the dawn, a symbol of light, beauty and youth.
Create the beauty of light with our new lighting control system!
Create, dream, realize for ideas together with the Aurora lighting control system from Trion!

Aurora lighting control system is based on DALI protocol and designed to control LED lighting at objects of any type and purpose.

The hardware and software parts of the system were developed by Russian engineers of Trion design bureau in Moscow.

The key objectives that the system solves are the organization of comfortable lighting and energy saving.

The Aurora system consists of mastervdevices (controllers),  slave devices (power supplies) and devices of a mixed type, i. e. related to both master and slave devices (sensors, control panels, dimmers, etc.).

The main requirement for the system is the possibility of replacement and compatibility with third–party components in similar systems.

The system is available for delivery both a complex and separately taken components.

STAR Imperium-1 controller is designed for setting up, storing and processing information, giving commands for execution by executing devices.

The reliability of STAR Imperium-1 controller is guaranteed by high-quality design in full compliance with the requirements imposed by the DALI Alliance.

STAR Imperium-1 controller is fully complied with the requirements of EMC and Safety Standards: TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 020/2011, TR EAEU 037/2016, as well as international standards for lighting control: IEC62386-101, IEC62386-103.

Main functions:
- changing the light level (dimming) depending on the state of the sensors (for movement, presence of people, light level), as well as regulation in manual mode;

- scheduled switching on/off of the light in accordance with the established schedule;
lighting level monitoring AND LIGHT management;

- collection, processing and storage of information about controlled technological parameters, results of diagnostics of elements of the Aurora lighting control system;

- transmission of information to the lighting control center and/or other services with indication of the location of the fault on the lighting network circuit;

- timely detection and prevention of emergency situations at all levels of the lighting system;

- providing access to stored information to external SYSTEMS, including cloud access with secured channels.

Power Supply STAR 40-350/700 TDA Artifex

Based on DALI and DALI2.0 protocols the STAR 40- 350/700 TDA Artifex power supply is designed to power LED modules as part of controlled lamps and other lighting devices.

Provides switching on, off and control of the illumination level of the lamp through interaction with DALI master devices. It is an executing slave device.

The STAR 40-350/700TDA Artifex power supply fully complies with the requirements of EMC and Safety Standards: TR CU 004/2011, TR CU 020/2011, TR EAEU 037/2016, as well as international standards for lighting control: IEC62386-101, IEC62386-102, IEC62386-207.

Areas of application – administrative and office facilities, public buildings, shopping centers, private residences.

It is used according to the built-in principle in LED work lighting fixtures with a supply voltage of 176-264 V AC with a power of up to 40 W and an output current in the range of 350÷700 mA. The current is selected by a DIP switch.

The guarantee of reliability of the STAR 40-350/700TDA Artifex power supply is a high-quality design, the use of unified components and the availability of key types of protections, such as: protection against excess input voltage (295-420 V), short circuit protection, load circuit break protection, overheating protection, galvanic isolation.

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