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Trion Party 2019 – we always have wine!

Traditionally in early December on New Year’s Eve and on our birthday, we open our doors to guests. Today we have not the birthday only, but a housewarming party! This is a perfect reason both to sum up the results 2019 and to discuss with a glass of wine the next new and the long uncertainty year.

2020: what’s next?

Trion and Expert companies have at once moved to the new office! Hurray! The new office is functional and pleasant at the same time. We are sincerely sure the comfort within a company is always changing the customer-oriented atmosphere.

But before we ask «What’s next?» there is necessary to speak about what happened and changed during the last year. We would like to try observing the fullest picture that have been occurring for 5 years.

Well… we obviously have become better. This is exclusively thankfully you – our favorite customers! We have become more loyal, better and this could not but affect us. Independently from directions of our activities we constantly obtain more and more customers. Therefore, the number and quality of your orders are increasing. At the same time, we have some data on the shock-content level, but these are things for our further working.

Historically, Trion and Expert are not originally Moscow companies. More than 20 people have moved from Novosibirsk to Moscow since the run of our business. We are going to continue to collect the best employees.

Of course, we should tell about the quality! Thankfully ideal build-up processes within our company, our R&D and Service Department we have practically gained situation when we thoroughly control and test our products. So, this is why the percentage of defects is quite close to zero.

Wine tasting

We always have a bottle of wine for any serious presentation. We just grateful for everyone who could visit us in our new house! There is no any odd speech…